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Termite Control

We can protect your home from these spring & summer munchers.  Whether it is to get rid of an existing infestation or stopping a problem before it happens – our treatments will reduce the damage they might do, and saving you from the cost of future infestations. Call today for Termite Control.


Mosquito Control

The warmer weather brings people outside to enjoy the outdoors, but mosquitos can put a damper on the fun. We have some great Mosquito treatments that will make your yard a safe retreat from the pesky biters. Contact us today to set up an appointment for warm weather relief.

Flea & Tick Control

Your pets can receive flea & tick treatments in the form of collars, sprays, powders – but they (and you) need the problem addressed.  Call today to schedule a time to get rid of the flea & tick population around the home.

More Pest Control Services

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Aberdeen Exterminating has been protecting Moore County homes since 1960.  Our pest control treatment rids your home and yard of any existing pest problems and protects against future invasion. We work hard to provide your home and place of business protection and relief from pest of all varieties. Contact us today for all your pest relief needs.
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