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Before getting a treatment for fleas – here are some tips from our chemical manufacturer to help ensure success.

  1. Vacuum all rugs, carpets and furniture – especially between and under all cushions.  (Then seal and dispose of the vacuum bag.)
  2. Clear and clean al floors, even closets. Mop all tile and vinyl floors. Sweep all concrete floors.
  3. Remove all decorative items, pillows, pet food, water dishes, and children’s toys – be sure to check for items under the beds and furniture.
  4. Remove all pets. Fish bowls and aquariums may remain if properly covered and the air pump is shut off during treatment.
  5. Wash or dispose of all pet bedding. If laundering, wash pet bedding separately from other linens.
  6. Mow your lawn and make sure everything on the ground has been removed.
  7. Show your pest control professional where your pets sleep, rest and eat.


After the flea treatment

  1. Give the treatment time to work.  Do not resume vacuuming until 24 hours after the treatment.
  2. Once you start vacuuming, do so every 3-4 days for 2-3 weeks (to get up all the dead fleas & stimulate the pupae to hatch and be exposed to the insecticide.
  3. Within about 3 weeks – you should be enjoying a flea free home. Keep your pets treated with a good flea/tick treatment to avoid bring back an infestation.


Fleas have 4 life cycles – egg, larvae, pupa, and adult.  It is important that the flea treatment handle all stages effectively.  We use a multi-layered flea treatment that stops fleas in the adult stage, and treat deeply to prevent pre-adult fleas from maturing into breeding, biting adults.  Plus, you do not have to worry about lingering odors, staining or unsightly residue.

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